Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christ- Mass

It was called a mass for Christ.  Yet we focus on all the rush and business of this time of year.  Me included.  Just breath.  Slow down.  It isn't going to all be perfect, it isn't going to make every one happy, and I am not able to make it all as I think it should be!  So take a step back, laugh at all the stress and expectations and set them aside.

If I don't send the cards out on time, oh well.  If I don't get a certain gift for a certain child, oh well.  We have the whole year to give and bless and love each other!!!!  Why do we wait for one day out the year?

There, now I feel better.  Enjoy the beauty of the season, pray a lot, and ask God to show us how we can do something to help those in need, all year.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

way too long

Haven't posted anything is so long!  Loving my little gallery: Fawn's Studio and Fine Framing.  It has taken over my life -- in a good way. 

I teach after school art classes, and an adult class, and my work is on display. Also doing custom framing now!  All that and keeping up with original paintings and commissions.

I am trying to get some new paintings posted and do better at updating my websites, but so far it has escaped me as to exactly how to do all that and get some sleep.

I actually took the time to do a paint-out this past week, and I got to go to the beach with my grandchildren too.  So it isn't all work all the time!

Life is very rewarding these days, joy overflows, and I am so very grateful to be here.