Monday, May 4, 2009

Grace happens too

So my sister has been upset with me, my car is not running, and my days are filled with painting porches and signs instead of my daily paintings to post for sale.......

I got kind of down for a few days, and then my kids kind of disappointed me. So I am planning nothing for mothers day, and I guess I was feeling unloved. Robert let it get to him too, my downward swing. I felt bad about that because he has been doing so well now.

So today I began to thank my Father God for all the good things and started feeling better. Then I asked Him to help us get through this rough financial time, to have the money to fix the car, and finish some of the major projects around the house. This evening I got over $500.00 in the mail, for art related endeavors, and will be able to get my car up and going again!

I took the time to finish a couple of paintings too, and now I am looking forward to what good things are on the way next!