Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Sabbath

The Sabbath means a day of rest. Saturday or Sunday for most, but if you take your day off in the middle of week that is good too, as long as you give yourself a day of rest! Our Creator knew we needed that or we would get to run down.

There is another kind of rest too, it is spiritual. The Almighty does not intend for us to try so hard to be perfect, or to keep up with man's rules of religion. These things appear good, but really keep us from really getting close God by keeping us too busy and distracted.

Jesus came to set us free from rules and burdens. We can trust him to lead us, teach us, and work in our lives, and we can pray anywhere -- anytime. He is already pleased with us, we are already accepted, and he made a way for us to be close to The Father. He forgives us and He makes us righteous in God's eyes. Too many religions tell us what we have to do to be accepted by God, they are way off base. Jesus says to believe in Him because we are accepted by God! He does the work in us, through us, and for us. He gives us rest.

I am part of a non-denominational church, so we don't have a bunch of rules. Everyone is welcome to join, no membership. We spend a lot of time praying and singing, we study the Bible, and we help each other through the rough times. It is truly a place of peace and rest! Those who have been hurt by religious people (like me) can find hope again. The Holy Spirit shows up and heals people of sickness and diseases, and God touches the broken hearted. It is amazing to see so many miracles so often!

Isn't that what Jesus commanded his people to do? Heal the sick, preach the good news, and cast out devils? Most religions are not doing that! If they aren't, then maybe they are off base in their teachings!

I have been thinking a lot about peace and rest. It is hard to not stress out these days, hard to trust God when your life is falling apart. I have watched my husband turn away from God's truth, and watched him struggle just to breath. We have been back and forth to the hospital. I know God will touch him and strengthen him, if he will ask. I know Our Father wants good things for us. We don't have to die from disease and illness. He will call our name when it is time to go. So why is it so hard for us to seek God? Why do we turn away so easily? Me included. I am trying to read His Word more, and trying to let go of all the "what if"s. It is a process, we don't change overnight!

I know God's timing is perfect and he will take care of every detail. He has always provided. I think we are here to prove that even in the midst of trouble we will choose to love and serve God. I think it hurt Him deeply when his angels turned away from him, and he wants us to make that choice now, not later. I don't have scripture for that, it is just my thoughts rambling on.

Your comments are welcome!

Click here to see my painting "The Sabbath."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

summer's end

Wow, it has been months since I posted anything here.

We went to Montana to see my family at the end of May, then had a lot of company through the entire summer, on top of teaching summer art camps for kids!

Oh, and I also took on some commission work, and sold quite a few paintings. Which was a good thing!

At the end of summer my husband got very ill (he had pneumonia). We have been at the hospital twice.

So now I am trying to catch my breath and see if I can get back to normal living, whatever that is.

I am seeing a whole new side to my husband: he does not blame God as so many would when life takes a hard turn, and he is almost looking forward to the after life. This is not something he has ever talked about, so it kind of intrigued me when he started asking questions. We are talking about such things much more now, but not in the negative way he used to give up and want to die. (I wouldn't entertain such thoughts.) Now it is more about his appreciation for life and those that care. He is finding healing in his spirit I think, and God's strength in this time of physical weakness.

As you can well imagine, I have not placed too much importance on my art work these days. It is there for me as a release from all this stress, and no longer the stress maker to get a painting done and posted every day. If I don't finish one, well, I just don't mind. Other things are more important right now.

So there is my last few months in a nut shell, and I am so thankful things are getting better around here!