Monday, July 28, 2014

back on track

Things distract me so easily. I get caught up in trying to do so many different things: Framing, teaching classes, and keeping up with grandchildren. I love it all, especially my gallery, but sometimes I need to get caught up in the flow of the paint. This month I have made time to paint most days, and I am really loving it.  Just finished a very large one, "Heavenly Highlights" and have two other fairly large paintings in progress.  I think I will try some miniatures too.

I am accepting commissions now as well, so if you want a custom painting don't hesitate to email me!

I am excited to be back on the right track. Life is too short, and I simply must create something to deal with all the chaos and stress!  

Have a blessed day....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Enjoying the nice cool snap we have had the last few days.  It has been hot and muggy already in the early part of May.  Really dreading the intense and miserable heat we endure in June and July, and even August sometimes.  But the winters are nice, and the this week it is cool and breezy and sunny.  Lovely.

Summer is great for my little art gallery.  I get to spend my days with children of all ages, working on various art projects.  This summer we will do some paintings in the style of Cezanne, and we will make some Chinese paintings too.  The weeks of hand-building in clay are usually the most popular.  And I try to include a week of color theory of some sort. The students don't know they are learning elements and art appreciation, they just have fun while I challenge their thinking!

You can check it out at

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

too busy

Not sure how it all gets so hectic so quickly.  Seems like I have to say 'no' to more things just to fit everything in.  Something always gets dropped when I take on too much!

There are the art shows, and getting works done and framed. So much time and money in that!  Very little return on it too, plus damage to the paintings or frames.  But the exposure is good, and the attention is great. I have discovered that I really like all the attention.  Odd, I am usually the quiet one and try to keep things low key. Or at least I used to be!  Now I speak my mind and get myself into situations I should have stayed out of.  But I am getting used to this side of me, and I don't think I want to go back to being so un-opinionated.  That sure makes my husband laugh at me often.

Then there is the art classes, which I love, especially the very young children I teach.  Lesson plans, set up, clean up, and the actual time I get to work with the students.  They tug at my heart.  I am the greatest artist in their eyes!  Too cute.

I am also learning the trade of custom framing, high end too: very professional and very expensive. But the frames are amazing, and what a huge difference to finish out the art in high quality frames! 

Of course my life is full of family and friends too, and they come first when I am not at work.  At least I try to not get too involved in my work at home. So this is why I post less on-line and don't get the marketing done that I really should put more into! 

But I am happy -- truly happy.  Which is a big surprise because I have struggled with depression and motivation off and on for many years. But since my appendix ruptured just more than a year ago, and I went around for a few weeks dying, I really had to fight for my life.  Now I have a whole new outlook on everything!

Not sure why I needed to post that, but I wanted to share it.  Things do get better, it does take work, and it is worth it really! You have to be positive on purpose and look for things to be thankful for!