Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have been uninspired for the most part for a very long time. So I am taking inventory, trying to find things that will get me out of this creative block.

A few new foals were born next door to my house, and that kind of sparked some desire to get back into painting. I got some fantastic photos of one of little colt taking his first run around the paddock! perfect lighting, dust flying, and so much energy.....Wish I could have just a fraction of that little fire ball's energy!

Then I did a paintout, plein air paintings out on location, So many cool birds and interesting sights....I just loved it. I think I am back now, have gotten up early to paint, and wanted to work on some older projects too. I hope this dry spell is over now, it has been a few months of struggling to find myself again!

I go tomorrow to bid on some murals, and I have a couple of sales pending, plus I opened a new show in town, so things are looking up that is for sure!

I think the slow economy has gotten to everyone these days, and I finally let it get me down too. That and the fact that my son is in Afghanistan getting bombed while he works on the jets for the US Airforce. That has been very depressing as he and his wife just had their first baby.

So I must take it one day at a time, look for the good and try to get lost in my art again.