Sunday, December 9, 2012


Had some severe abdominal pain for over a week, then hemorrhaging for a week, still having some pain off and on....

A tumor has replaced my ovary.  there are other complications as well, but I am thankful it is not cancerous.

Looks like I will have a complete hysterectomy very soon.  Really upset that it comes at this time of year. had to cancel a trip to California to see my step daughter and her husband.  Just opened my own gallery too, and I teach classes 4 days a week.  That keeps the bills paid.  5 weeks of recovery just sounds like way too long!

trying to get my doctor to do the less invasive procedures, but with a tumor she said she has to cut me open....

Praying the tumor shrinks!

I have been working on commissions, trying to get them done for Christmas....

So many good things happening in the midst of all this turmoil!

will try to keep you posted!

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