Saturday, July 21, 2012


Everything is done, now I am waiting on Tallahassee to finish processing my certification to teach in the public schools again.  I had planned on subbing for a year or so, and if something came open I would be ready to work.  Well the position I was hoping for is open now!!!  Art teacher at the Freshman campus....and The school board called to let me know they are trying to get Tallahassee to finish my paper work so they can offer me the job.....WOW!

That means I could possibly be starting in a month.  WOW again!  Not too sure if I am ready for this, but how can I pass up a position that only comes around once in a while? There are only 2 positions in Okeechobee county for teaching art. It is not an easy job, by any means, but I am not going into it blind like I did the first time around, when I worked at the main high school teaching art.  I know more what to expect and handle stress better.

So now I wait and see if someone else applies for the position before I am officially re-instated. If I am suppose to do it, then I believe it will all work out.  If not, then I will have more time to devote to my art, but less money in my pocket!!!  Either way I am blessed.

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