Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Paintings

I am struggling with my daily routine. I have always gotten up early to steal a few hours for myself. Even as a teenager. I love my prayer time, then exercise or take a walk, then do a painting........ But lately I choose to sleep! It is a good relaxed, stress free sleep too. Never have enjoyed it before. I tell myself "I am just a peace," and "it is good to rest," but I wonder if it isn't just laziness too.

So I am trying to only sleep in for an hour or so, and still get up at least an hour early, but that hasn't been working, I just don't want to get up! Then I never get the chance to have my quite time and I get grumpy through the day.

I think what I miss the most is my Daily Paintings. They are suffering! I am not doing the quality or amount of work I did so regularly. But I am doing commissions, which I love! If I post my work consistently at, I gain such a great following, and when I don't post often, then I lose many of those who had been following my progress.

I love all the new features at DP too. ( You can change the preferences to a mosaic layout, which enlarges many of the smaller paintings. You can also change the background to black or white.

So I have to get myself back into shape and see where it takes me. No promises, but I do think I am more aware of it all, so some changes are certainly on the way!

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