Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is good

Nothing like walking through death valley for months to make you see how wonderful things really are. Every little thing is a big thing now. A smile, a walk for only half the distance you thought you could go, but we got out and walked! Or a message on your phone from a voice of someone you love. The voice of someone who couldn't even use the phone.

Robert is full of wonder and everything is something to talk about. He says, "what has gotten into me? I just keep rambling on. I say, "please keep rambling!" After months of silence, now I hear every word and understand the deeper meaning behind it all. He is just so expressive now! Everything is beautiful to him, everything is funny, everything is appreciated so deeply. He feels so intensely, hurt as well as pleasure. Hot and cold too. Used to, he was not affected by very much.

It all amazes me. Like reliving when we first met, and the world was such a happy place. I know, it will get old and it will fade, most likely, but I am enjoying every minute of this part of our recovery!!!!!

We have had a cold, a cough all night kind of cold. We have never been sick at the same time before, and we have never had a cold that we didn't just shake off. This cold is really tough to get rid of. More than a week now, and Robert holds his head and hollers when he coughs. He says it feels like he is blowing the top of his head off! I can't imagine how much it must hurt to sneeze or cough with a shunt in your head. My head hurts these days, especially after a coughing spell. I wish I could take it from him.

But in spite of all that he is still in a good frame of mind, still not back to depression and heartache. I pray that is gone for good!

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