Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Plein air painting

Yesterday was one of those days that I could not make up my mind. It had rained off and on all night, and the weather report called for more rain -40% chance! I had planned on going out to work en plein air (on location) over in Fort Pierce. We meet once a week. They had more rain over there than we had inland. Do I drive 50 minutes over there and try to work on a painting knowing I will probably get wet?

"No", I decided, "Gas, time, and my health are at stake." So I got out the things I needed to cook breakfast for my husband. I wasn't hungry, and I should have already been on the road, and he was planning on going out for his breakfast . . . "I don't have to cook," I thought. So I put it all away again.

"Yes," I thought, "I need to go even if I get wet! It will get me out of the house, I'll get to see my friends, and I may end up with a nice painting, or not. But I want to try."

So off I went, a little later than usual, but the sky cleared up some, and the flooded park was an amazing sight. It did not take me long to see something I wanted to paint. I felt so good, had so much fun and stayed until past noon! I did two paintings, one very nice, and one I have to touch up.

I did get wet a little as it sprinkled twice, which left run marks on the painting, but that will be easily fixed. I am proud of myself, just getting out there and not letting my excuses stop me.

We have sure needed this rain.

I think the drought is finally over! Smile.

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