Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not my job?

Been keeping my grand daughter for a couple of weeks.  She is 9 now, so I expect more out of her than I used too, but she doesn't seem to get it.

My husband says it is not my job, to back off and leave her be.  Hmm. in some things maybe, but for the most part I disagree.  If she isn't learning to be polite, and she isn't learning to be patient and not interrupt, and she isn't learning to tie her own apron for art class, or brush her teeth well, then who's job is it?

She is told to go and do this or that at home, but it doesn't seem to me that anyone is paying much attention.  I get it. She talks back, she argues, and she is not always the sweetest child, but someone needs to discipline her, teach her, show her by example, help her understand.  Someone needs to love her enough to be the tough parent, be the one that to take the extra time and face the battles.

Again, I only have her for two weeks, so I am sure I won't be a huge influence, but I am also sure that I cannot turn my head and act like her behavior is fine when often it is completely unacceptable. So I make a big deal out of it when she is polite, and I reward her when she does get it!

Yesterday she told a friend some hurtful things, and she is very excited to leave and not put up with me any more. Honestly I want to ignore her and be angry and not do anything nice for her now.  After all, I have gone out of my way everyday to do art classes for her, make things fun, buy the foods she likes, and even purchased over a hundred dollars in school supplies and clothes for her.  But she is just a child, and how will she learn to be grateful if I am not forgiving and kind?

It is my job, and I am the adult, and I won't give up on her!  I love her too much.  I think too, that this must be how Daddy God, Abba Father, loves us so patiently.

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