Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fiction novel

Been working on a book for years.  Started over many times.  Finally settled in on turning my life story into a fiction novel.  Changing everyone's name was the hardest part! But I love the freedom it gives me to finish parts that I don't remember, or rearrange the order of some events.  Now it has become more about the main character, Christina, and turning it into a good story.

This version begins with Christina waking up in the hospital after a fatal car accident, where her horse didn't survive.  She has broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a concussion.  She struggles with some memory loss too.  I chose to begin the story here, because every time I got to this part of the book there were too many gaps in my memory.   This resolves many issues because I can go back and forth in time to to tell the story.

Now it is becoming an exciting novel, and I can remain objective instead of getting emotionally tangled as I recount the child abuse and foster homes that were part of my life. I also have the freedom to exaggerate or down play as much as I want too.  Instead of just a sad story, it is one of victory and truth as the point of view is from heaven instead of from my own perspective.

I have a lot to learn about publishing, but I am doing the work and hope to get it out there soon!   I am revising, having it edited, and researching literary agencies and publishing companies.

This is the beginning of a whole new journey for me!

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